Manifesto of Application Security and Privacy

What are we protecting

Security of an application entails protecting or conserving
  1. Accessibility and availability of web site
  2. Availability of its resources
  3. Usage of its resources
  4. Information and privacy
by mitigating any vulnerabilities of the application and its environment.

Modes of harassment

Non-mitigation of vulnerabilities will result in the following modes of harassment
  1. Debilitated access and availability of
    • web site
    • application
    • services
  2. Resource intrusion
    • Overwhelming or loss of control of resources
    • Destruction of resources
    • Hijacking and abuse of resources
  3. Information Intrusion
    • Contamination of information
    • Loss of information
    • Loss of privacy
    • Abuse of information

Consequences of Harassment

Harassment results in these archetypal consequences
  1. Financial loss
    • of web resource owners 
    • of associated parties or users 
  2. Loss of Confidence and Reputation
  3. Loss of user base 
  4. Loss of assets 
  5. Loss of strategic advantage and secrecy 
  6. Violation of security, privacy, safety or lives for individuals or communities

Motivation for intrusion and harassment

Perpetrators are possibly motivated by
  1. Violence and terrorism
  2. Political or philosophical enstatement
  3. Targetted harassment and bullying
  4. Mischief and vandalism
  5. Hijacking to insert unauthorised advertisement, disinformation or propaganda
  6. Censorship
  7. Financial or asset self-enrichment
  8. Robinhood complex
  9. Psychopathic superiority complex and narcissitic tendencies
  10. Parkouristic challenge / Spiderman complex

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